10 Tools to Keep Your Data Safe

Backup means making additional copies of your original data files so as to restore your original files just in case you if you unfortunately face a system crash. You can either create a restore point on your machine or simply store your important files on other storage devices like hard disk , floppy disk flash memory , memory stick and more such options are available.

There are loads of storage devices on the market that very competitively price compared to the cost of losing all your useful information due to a system crash. Also , its a very time consuming task to re-setup the system, installing essential software and also there is a very possible chance of losing your important Internet bookmarks, contact details and more which can definitely effect your business. So , its better to make a backup of important files on regular basis to avoid the troubles caused by a system crash as it takes some minutes to make a backup and you will be done with it!!

Here is some Software which can help you to make backup of your files :

Name of the Software Homepage Description
Acronis True Image Acronis True Image Acronis True Image is a disk imaging application for PCs.The program also enables you to resize the partitions.
Folder Share Folder Share It helps you to share files with friends and the files can be easily downloaded using browser, synchronize files between devices.
Smart Sync Smart Sync SmartSync is the solution for your backup needs and with this software you can synchronize files to flash drive and also make a backup.
Nero BackItUP Nero BackItUP Nero BackItUP is a powerfull and reliable software provided by a reputed company name Nero and it is very easy to make backup of your files.
Disco Disco This is an application for Mac OS X and it enables users to do disc duplication and also to burn CDs/DVDs with support for multisession.

Sometimes, we accidentally completely delete some of our important files and by “ completely delete “ , I mean even deleting the files from Recycle Bin and so we end up in a mess , right ?
Well , thanks to technology that there are some software available in the market which can even recover deleted items whether these items where deleted accidentally or during a system crash or maybe during the process of formatting the hard disk. It is advisable not to add the new data to the effected drive in order to recover the lost/deleted data. So, to some extent, it is possible to recover the deleted data.

Here is some Software which can help you to recover deleted items:

Name of the Software Homepage Description
Recover My Files Recover My Files It can easily recover the deleted files from recycle bin and also the files lost during system crash,format.
File Scavenger File Scavenger It is a file “ undelete “ and data recovery software.It can help you recover deleted files provided that no new data has been written on the drive.
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery It is an easy to use data recovery software which can examine damaged hard drives and can recover the data from it.
FileRescue for FAT FileRescue for FAT Powerfull utility to restore accidentally deleted files and folders.
Recover Deleted Files http://www.recoverdeletedfiles.net/ "> Recover Deleted Files It is a data recovery software which can help you recover files which were accidentally deleted or were lost during sytem format,crash.

Other than using software to backup your data , a person can also opt for service providers. Managed backup providers are the companies which provide the service of managing your data files so as to help you to restore when required. There are advantages and disadvantages of using remote backup services. If the service provides runs out of the business then all of your data is lost but there are advantages as well like the user don’t need to take care of making backup as the service providers are doing this job and he can concentrate on his work.

Here are some firms which offer this service:

Name of the Company Homepage Estimated Price
Data Preserve Data Preserve Starts from $14.95 per month depending on the amount of data.
Rsync Rsync For Standard Offsite File system, the price is $1.60/GB and for Geo-Reduntant File System , the price is $2.80/GB.
OnTrack Data Recovery OnTrack Data Recovery You need to contact them and they will quote you for free.
Drive Savers Drive Savers Contact them and they will quote you for the service being offered.
CBL Tech http://www.cbltech.in/data-recovery.html "> CBL Tech Contact them and they will quote you for the service being offered.