30 Free Security Tools

Combobulates list of security programs will give you the tools you need to safley secure
most computer systems. It is just about impossible to keep computers 100% secure all of the
time but the biggest threat to any systems are the users themself. The programs listed
below will help you have a more secure and better running systems with proper use.

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Name Homepage Description
DIVI-Pack 2.051 LINK EXE-Packer reduces file size and protects
ENDEP LINK 50 features like encrypting email and instant messaging
Protect Exe LINK Protect Exe will protect your *.exe file with a password
WFP Switcher 1.0 LINK Windows File Protection Switcher lets you disable and reenable Windows File Protection (WFP).


Name Homepage Description
Kerio Personal Firewall LINK good personal firewall with freeware version
Safety.Net LINK application firewall that offers inbound and outbound protection
StopListening LINK can automatically close down all TCP/IP ports open
XPFiremon LINK Sys tray utility to monitor and manage the builtin XP firewall
ZoneAlarm LINK Personal Firewall with five interlocking security services

Password Management:

Name Homepage Description
AI RoboForm 4.6.8 LINK Last uncrippled version built IE addon
CmosPwd 4.6 LINK CMOS BIOS password recovery tool
John the Ripper LINK Windows system password cracker
KeePass LINK light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
kNox LINK password manager similar to keypass
pst19upg.exe LINK Microsoft upgrade utility that strips passwords from .pst files
UnMask It ! 1.0 LINK Utility to get behind those hidden ***** letters to get the password


Name Homepage Description
Event Log Explorer LINK Upgraded eventlog viewer
HostsMan 2.1 LINK manages Hosts file with ease
KGB Key Logger LINK keyboard tracking software to monitor keystrokes
Kismet LINK wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system
Nmap LINK Powerful Network Exploration Mapper
Snort LINK Intrustion detection/prevention software
WinDump LINK Windows version of tcpdump

Maintenance tools:

Name Homepage Description
Ad-Aware SE LINK spyware removal tool
Autoruns LINK controls progams autostarting, like msconfig
AVG Antivirus LINK good free antivirus software
crap cleaner LINK good registry cleaner
cwshredder LINK small utility for removing CoolWebSearch and variants
hijackthis LINK powerful adware remover be careful
MoveOnBoot LINK moves or deletes files and folders on the next system boot
stinger 2.54 LINK mcafee antivirus scanner

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